Corvus Belli will release Warcrow, a new combat miniatures game, into retail on July 15, 2024.

Warcrow was first unveiled back in 2022 (see "Warcrow"), and originally slated to come out in fall 2022.  This is a two-player miniatures game set in a fantasy universe with different nations that are vying for power.  The new miniatures wargame is not to be confused with Warcrow Adventures, which is Corvus Belli's fantasy board game of the same brand (see "'Warcrow Adventures'").

The first few products for this line include the Winds From the North Battle Pack and the Warcrow Core Book.  The Winds From the North Battle Pack is an introductory set that includes 14 miniatures, starter rules, a playmat, and basics to play the game.  The Warcrow Core Book contains the complete rules and universe lore for the game.

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