Ize Press, the Korean-comics imprint of Yen Press, announced three new manhwa licenses at Anime Expo.

Men of the Harem is the story of a female emperor by Alphatart, the author of The Remarried Empress, one of the top titles of 2023 (see “Top Author Graphic Novel Franchises - Spring 2023”).  As in The Remarried Empress, the story revolves around a powerful woman seeking revenge on the lover who wronged her, in this case by taking not one but five consorts.  Men of the Harem currently runs on the Webtoon platform, where it has 1.4 million followers and over 100 million views.  Ize will release the first volume in December 2024.

I Tamed My Ex-Husband’s Mad Dog, by Jkyum, adapted by CMJM, with art by Jagae, starts with a trip through time, as the heroine is transported back to the day of her father’s funeral and stabs his killer, who was also her betrothed.  As a result, she is exiled to the wilderness where she meets a feral boy and starts an odyssey of both romance and revenge.  This webtoon has over 1.6 million views on the Tappytoon platform, and the first volume is slated for December 2024 release.

Kill the Villainess, by author Your April and artist Haegi, follows the fortunes of Eris, who is reincarnated as a villainess in a romance novel and wants to escape the unhappy future dictated by the storyline by dying and returning to her previous world.  This webtoon has over 5 million views and 110,000 subscribers on Tapas.  Ize Press did not announce a release date for this series.