Monte Cook Games unveiled the Cypher Stream Fund, a new grant program that offers financial and promotional support to content creators.  

In order to entice content creators to broaden the discussion of MCG-branded games online, the company is offering up a $500 grant and promotional assistance to select creators willing to create and stream content about their games and IPs. This grant is primarily aimed at building up new and smaller streams looking to create original content about MCG's games, not including product reviews, streams of convention panels or similar events, or self-promotion. To be eligible for this grant, the stream or proposed stream must feature original MCG-related content and launch on The Anywhere Door stream  (MCG’s channel on the forthcoming Moonbeam platform) between January-May 2025.

Creators may also stream the content created for MCG games on other platforms at the same time that they launch it on the Moonbeam platform. This grant opens up to applications in August 2024, and more details will be released about the grant at a later date.

Monte Cook Games also recently released It's Only Magic, a new Cypher System sourcebook, into retail (see "'It's Only Magic' Hits Preorder").