Matt Forbeck has resigned as the head of the Adventure Games Division of Human Head Studios, a position he has held for the past two years (see 'Human Head Hires Forbeck').  Forbeck plans to return to freelancing full time after leading the development of Redhurst Academy of Magic, Dracula's Revenge, and the upcoming Frankenstein's Children for Human Head.  Tim Gerritsen, Chairman and CEO of Human Head thanked Forbeck for getting the Adventure Games Division on its feet: 'I just wanted to say that we'll greatly miss Matt, but when he came to me after Gen Con to let me know that the clarion call of the freelance life again beckoned to him, I understood.  Matt's one of the best and ablest freelancers in the business and its his first love.  Since he's a freelancer, we'll definitely be working with him again on that basis.  I see it as not losing a great talent, just sharing him with the greater gaming community.'


Forbeck's replacement will be Jason Blair of Key20 Publishing, the designer responsible for Little Fears and Wyrd as Bond.  Blair will be managing all the operations for Human Head's Adventure Games Division as soon as he relocates from Ohio to Human Head HQ in Madison, Wisconsin.