Tokyo Tribes creator Santa Inoue will appear on one of the new TV season's hottest network series, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, as one ingredient in making a family's dream house come true.  In the U.S. for the San Diego Comic-Con, Inoue spent a day on the set of the show, where he created a unique manga-style mural for a boys' room as one part of the makeover of the family's house. 


Extreme Makeover Home Edition is a huge hit for ABC, reaching over 16 million viewers.  In each episode, a deserving family gets a completely made-over house, with each member of the family getting a room that reflects his or her particular interests and passions.   Tokyo Tribes publisher Tokyopop also contributed around 300 manga volumes for the boy, who's a huge manga fan.  


The show will air this Sunday, October 17th, giving a large swath of American viewers a positive look at manga and one of its premier creators.