Marvel updated its schedule of movies based on its characters in its third quarter report, released last week (see 'Marvel Reports Q3 Results').  The revised schedule provides for the release of only two Marvel movies in 2005, with up to six due to come out in 2006.  The movies and their approximate release dates are now as follow:



Blade:  Trinity          December 8, 2004



Elektra                    January 14, 2005

Fantastic Four          July 1, 2005



X-Men 3                   May 5, 2006

Iron Man                  2006

Ghost Rider              2006

Luke Cage                2006

Punisher 2                2006

Deakthlok                 2006



Spider-Man 3            May 4, 2007

Namor                     2007

Hulk 2                      2007

Wolverine                 2007


Marvel also updated its OAV and TV projects in development.  Four OAV projects are currently in development with Lions Gate, with the first release scheduled for 2006.  The features planned are Avengers 1, Avengers 2, Iron Man, and Hulk. 


Blade and Brother Voodoo live action TV shows are in development.  And the recently announced Fantastic Four animated series was re-affirmed.