Nick Landau, CEO of publisher Titan Books and retailer Forbidden Planet of London, saw the news of Will Eisner's death (see 'In Memoriam:  Will Eisner') and wrote in to share his experiences with Eisner as a guide and mentor:


I first met Will when I was young kid producing a comic fanzine called Comic Media in the late 60's.  I had been a huge fan of the Spirit, but frustrated by the fact that (other than the wonderful Harvey Comics one-shot) in England I could only 'read' it in the Italian strip reprint magazine, Linus.  My intention had been to ask to reprint the Spirit in my fanzine and plead poverty when it came to paying any advances.  However, instead, Will gave me my first lecture on creator rights and why I had a responsibility to make that payment even as a fan publisher.  After a very brief negotiation I caved in -- and learnt the first of what was to become a professional lifetime worth of lessons from a man who, was not only one of the industry's greatest comic book creators but also, a guide and mentor to those of us who became distributors, retailers and publishers.


As I got involved with each of these areas of business Will would question me about the business (articulating an enormous depth of understanding and appreciation of the issues) and challenge me to show how it could benefit the comics industry here in the UK.


I will never forget those long and challenging discussions and the impact they had on the way I approached the industry.  And I knew that at the same time he and I were talking he was having similar discussions with other distributors, retailers, publishers -- and of course, writers, artists, editors, colorists and letterers challenging each and every one of them to do their best -- and to make a contribution to the industry that he so dearly loved.


I will miss him as a friend and mentor.