Terry Staats of Eastside Comics in Houston, Texas is excited about the potential for Sin City to drive sales in his store, but was told by a promotion agency comic stores weren't a fit:


I received a very interesting phone call today from Reinhardt Marketing.  Over the last 4 years since I bought this shop Reinhardt has been sending out movie posters and advance movie screening passes for upcoming films as promotion for different studios.  The lady said she had good news and bad news for me.


I inquired of course as to the good news first, which turned out to be an advance screening of Sin City, in my opinion the film with the most potential to bring new customers into my store this summer.  Not only do I pass out free comics on Free Comic Book Day, but have for the last 4 years I've also passed out free comics at the local theatre at least once a year, sometimes twice.  So I was quite excited to be able to view this movie in advance so I can be certain it is as good a film as I think it will be.


Unfortunately the time was set for 2:00 in the afternoon; this wasn't really bad news, but since I run the store alone I would have to find someone to pitch in for a few hours or just plain close shop to view it.  Then the she tells me she is sorry it is such short notice but the screening will be held tomorrow afternoon!!  A Wednesday!!  Well now there is absolutely no way for me to attend this screening.  Well, if that's the good news, I'm not sure I want to hear the bad news.


Bad News: They won't be sending me any promotional posters either.  Apparently comic shops only cater to person 18 years or younger and this is not the demographic they are trying to reach.  I was shocked.  I mentioned to her that not only was 99% of my clientele over the age of 18, but did she realize Sin City is based on a comic--a comic that is carried in comic shops, comic shops which are apparently not appropriate for displaying a movie poster!


I suppose it's not that big of a loss as most people who come into the store know of the movie already, but it sure would have been nice to display a poster in the front window for those who are not aware that it is also a comic.


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