Bandai plans to release a collectable card game based on the manga/anime property One Piece in September.  The game will be released in 64-card Starter Sets ($9.99) and 10-card Booster Packs ($3.99).  The display configurations will be in the increasing popular 6-deck and 12-pack sizes, respectively. 


The full set consists of 115 cards, including 17 starter-only cards, 41 parallel foils, 4 Silver Rare cards, and 3 Gold Rare cards. 


Each booster pack includes 1 holo-foil, one rare, three uncommon, and five common cards.  The Silver Rare inserts replace the holo-foil in one of every twelve packs, and the Gold Rare inserts replace the holofoil in one of every 48 packs. 


Viz has released six volumes of the One Piece manga under its Shonen Jump imprint.  Toei is releasing the first volume of the One Piece anime in September (see 'One Piece DVD Release Set').  Bandai is also releasing a One Piece videogame in September (see 'Bandai to Show off Anime Games').