The Kids' WB has acquired the broadcast rights to 26 episodes of the Viewtiful Joe anime series and plans to air them as part of its top-rated Saturday morning broadcast animation block during the 2005-2006 season.  The Viewtiful Joe anime series is based on a Capcom videogame, which has spawned a popular manga series as well as the 52-episode anime.  The series features American comic book style character design and a likeable hero who gets sucked into a video world where he has to help his superhero idol, Captain Blue, defend 'Movie Land' from the depredations of the evil Jadows (see 'Geneon Gets Viewtiful Joe Rights'). 


The Kids' WB, which recently announced the dropping of its daily animation block (see 'Kids WB Axes Weekdays') in the fall, remains the most popular over-the-air network when it comes to Saturday morning children's fare.  In addition to Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, the Kids' WB also carries the Megaman NT Warrior anime.  The addition of the Viewtiful Joe series, which deftly blends action and character-driven comedy, can only strengthen an already powerful Saturday morning lineup.