Mattel is planning a full line of Zatch Bell toys for release in 2006.  The toys will be targeted at a 6-10 year olds, according to a Mattel spokesperson, but also appear of interest to collectors.  The anime is currently running in the Toonami block on Cartoon Network (see 'Zatch Bell Anime on Cartoon Network'), which is directed at a tween and teen audience.     


First up will be 2' collectible figures, which will be sold in five-character gift packs at first (at around a $10 MSRP), and 2-packs later (at around a $4-$5 MSRP).  With over 100 different characters, there are a lot to work with.  A Mattel spokesperson estimated that there would be 12-20 two-packs the first year, released in four to five waves.  The introduction of the toy characters will be timed to match their appearances in the Zatch Bell anime as new episodes air. 


Mattel is also planning larger scale collectible figures, including a 12' Kiyo and a 6' Zatch.  These will probably retail in the $15-$20 range.


'Action plush' renditions are also planned; the first two will be of Brago and Zatch.  These will retail in the $10-$12 range. 


Roleplay toys are planned for Fall 2006.


The Mattel toys will join the anime, the manga from Viz, the trading card game from Bandai, and cards from Artbox in the expanding line of Zatch Bell merchandise.