More than three years after retailer Brian Hibbs filed a class action lawsuit against Marvel for breach of terms, a settlement appears to be very close.  As ICv2 reported in late June (see 'Hibbs/Marvel Settlement at Hand'), the Appellate Court ruled unanimously against the presiding judge's attempt to change the nature of the suit in midstream.  Unfortunately instead of accepting the higher court's ruling, the judge recused himself, which led to a further delay, but the settlement (which Marvel has agreed to) was finally entered into court on Tuesday and served to Marvel on Wednesday, August 24th.


Now a 30-day appeals window has opened up during which any members of the class that brought the suit (comic book retailers), who haven't opted out, may appeal the settlement.  Presuming that no one does that, Marvel will have 30 days from the end of the appeals period (Friday, September 23rd) in which to pay the settlement.  So unless something untoward happens, retailers should receive their credits from Marvel no later than October 24th.