The 2005 edition of the Pokemon Rocks America tour is already underway.  Players who attend these functions, such as the one held last weekend at the Phoenix Civic Plaza, will receive a special Lugia promo card, available only at Tour events, and can also participate in a Challenge Play mini-tournament.  For novices and kids who have never played the Pokemon CCG before, the Pokemon Professors at the PRA events teach the game using oversized cards to illustrate both the basics of the game and the strategies most likely to result in victory.


Upcoming events in the second annual Pokemon Rocks America tour  (see 'Pokemon Rocks America Tour' for a description of last year's events) will be held in Dallas on Saturday October 8th at the Dallas Market Center, in Chicago on October 15th at Navy Pier, and in Boston on October 22nd at the 2005 Bayside Expo Center.  Meanwhile prerelease card preview tournaments for the next Pokemon expansion, EX Delta Species, will be held at designated store venues on the weekends of October 22nd and 23 rd and October 29th and 30th.