After a considerable hiatus the Yu Yu Hakusho anime is back on the Cartoon Network.  The Cartoon Network has previously aired 88 out of the 112-episodes of the anime produced by Studio Pierrot and based on the 19-volume manga by Yoshiro Togashi (Hunter x Hunter), and starting this Saturday morning at 5:30 am (ET, PT) the Cartoon Network will premier the first of 24 new episodes -- Episode 89 Death of a Spirit Detective.


While low ratings was the reason given by the Cartoon Network for dropping the series (and its current early morning timeslot is not exactly 'prime time'), the property has managed to secure a devoted following here in the States.  Viz's Yu Yu Hakusho manga has been a consistently strong performer in both the bookstore and direct markets (currently rated the 16th best manga property in the U.S. by ICv2), and several Yu Yu Hakusho videogames have also proven to be popular. FUNimation Productions has already released the the unaired Yu Yu Hakusho episodes (#89-112) on DVD and a FUNimation spokesman told ICv2 that the DVDs  have sold especially well.