Viz has two of the hottest manga properties of 2005, Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist -- and is planning to publish special Box Set Editions of each for the holidays.  Since its early fall debut on the Cartoon Network, Naruto has become the hottest manga property in the bookstore market with all seven volumes of the series consistently in the top 20 and Volume #1 threatening to overtake Full Metal Alchemist #1 as the best-selling graphic novel (in bookstores) of 2005 (see 'So You Think the Cartoon Network Doesn't Matter').  Now Viz is packaging Volume #1 of Naruto in a reasonably priced box set ($9.99) with a special 2006 calendar featuring an array of character art by series creator Masashi Kishimoto.


Viz is also preparing two Limited Edition Box Sets featuring Volume #4 of the Full Metal Alchemist manga.  One box set comes with an Edward Elric figure and the other comes with an Alphonse Elric figure and each retails for $19.99.  Full Metal Alchemist Vol. #1 is still the single best-selling graphic novel of 2005 in U.S. bookstores and the third volume recently topped the BookScan Charts (see 'Full Metal Alchemist Tops BookScan').