In the White Wolf presentation at the Diamond/Alliance Retailer Summit in Las Vegas last week, Director of Sales Fred Yelk announced that, 'White Wolf Publishing is determined to become the #1 independent publisher of d20 products.'  The company is scaling up to be able to produce five d20 products per month in 2002. 


White Wolf is already a major d20 player.  It's already released its new revision of Ravenloft, which is not only a d20 project but a campaign world licensed from Wizards of the Coast (see 'White Wolf To Publish Ravenloft').  More Ravenloft products are in the pipe.  And it also previously announced that it would begin publishing Fiery Dragon products under its Sword and Sorcery umbrella (see 'White Wolf To Publish Fiery Dragon d20 Games'). 


There are two other imprints under its Sword and Sorcery umbrella.  One is Necromancer Games, founded by Clark Peterson and Bill Webb.   Necromancer, whose slogan is 'Third Edition Rules, First Edition Feel,' has recently announced some 2002 releases based on existing properties.  One is Necropolis, originally written by Gary Gygax.  Necropolis had a very initial release over ten years ago and is now being revamped by the Necromancer design team.  According to Peterson, 'We don't do reprints.  This is a wholesale revision of an amazing product with th eblessing and input of Gary Gygax himself.'  Necropolis is a sourcebook for a high level campaign set in the southern desert kingdoms.  The book will be a 224-page hardcover. 


A second major 2002 release from Necromancer is based on Flying Buffalo's Grimtooth's Traps, which were recently licensed to Necromancer.  The Wurst of Grimtooth's Traps will be the first Grimtooth's Traps re-work from Necromancer.  It will be a 224-page hardcover and is slated for release in May.  Steve Crompton, the original artist for the Grimtooth series, is slated to provide art for the new book.