Viz will launch two new manga series in March 2006, R.O.D.:  Read or Die and Godchild.  R.O.D.:  Read or Die, by Hideyuki Kurata, will launch on March 21st.  Volume 1 is packaged as a 232-page trade paperback at $9.99.  The OVA was released here by Manga Entertainment, and the TV series sequel, Read or Die the TV, was released by Geneon on DVD (see 'Geneon Gives Read or Die Fans a Book') and appeared on G4/Tech TV.


Volume 1 of Godchild, by Kaori Yuki, will be released on March 7th as a Shojo Beat title at $8.99 for 208 pages.  Set in 18th century England, this series is a sequel to the Count Cain series (not yet published here).