In the just published Retailers Guide to Graphic Novels #7 ICv2 estimates that the U.S. and Canadian market for graphic novels grew 18% in 2005 accounting for nearly $250 million retail dollars, which puts the book format neck and neck with comic periodicals, 'and poised to pass the traditional comic as the dominant form in 2006.'   The in-depth analysis of the graphic novel market in the new Retailers Guide, which includes a chart covering sales from 2001 through 2005, indicates that bookstores and other venues outside the direct market now account for twice the graphic novel dollars of the comic store channel.


The new Guide analyses the impact of some major graphic novel-related movies and the increasing growth of 'literary' graphic works (what ICv2 calls 'Fiction and Reality'), which have benefited greatly from extensive coverage in the book review sections of key newspapers and periodicals.


The new Retailers Guide to Graphic Novels also examines the best opportunities presented by the graphic novel and comic-related movies debuting this spring and summer and takes a look at the top releases in all the categories including manga, and for the first time, Graphic Novel-Related Art Books and Novels.


For more information on obtaining this Guide (which is free to retailers), see 'ICv2 Releases Retailers Guide to Graphic Novel Guide #7.'