Kevin Siembieda, president and owner of longtime RPG publisher Palladium Books, has gone public with what he calls 'A Crisis of Treachery' on the Palladium Website.  According to the post, the company has been damaged to the extent of $850,000 to $1.3 million in a 'betrayal of trust, theft, and embezzlement.' 


On the business side, because of the failure of Nokia's N-Gage phone game platform, the royalty stream for the Rifts game (see 'Palladium Licenses Rifts for Phone Game') did not materialize.  The Rifts movie (see 'Rifts Movie Has a Screenwriter') has been slow to get going.  And cash flow problems have slowed RPG releases (see 'Palladium Releases Delayed'). 


Siembieda says he has exhausted his personal resources in an effort to save the company.  'I have borrowed tens of thousands in loans and sunk every dime I have into Palladium Books,' he said.  'I'm selling everything I own to keep Palladium going.  That's the real reason I'm selling my 25 year old toy collection, art and other items at the Palladium Open House.'  


In the post, Siembieda issued an appeal for help to the Palladium fan base, which he is requesting buy a limited edition print and renew support for its products as a way of support.  Having made this last ditch appeal, he seems willing to accept the results.  'If Palladium Books should come to an end, I have no regrets,' he said.  'I'll know I did everything possible to keep going and do right by everyone.'