Jerry Ringi of Amazing Fantasy Comics in Chesapeake, Virginia wants to know why comic stores can't be trusted to keep street dates?


I have been in this business since 1992 and after experiencing yet another week with no books on Wednesday because of shipping problems, I think that it's time for retailers to make it known to Diamond and the publishers that we are adults and professionals who can handle getting our shipments on a Monday for the on sale day of Wednesday.  This way if there is a problem with the shipment it will give us one or two days to get it corrected prior to Wednesday.


Other retailers in the book industry or the music industry get their product in advance of the on street date and it seems to work is it Diamond and the publishers view that we are not as professional as those retailers to handle this.  Or is it that it will cause Diamond and the publishers more work to make this change and God forbid some of their profit to help the retailer have books on 'Wednesday' to insure that they do not lose sales due to not having any comics for their customers who come in on Wednesday looking for the new books for that week.  Many customers arrange their day to include a trip to the comic book store and if there is no product due to a miss or lost shipment they can not return until the following week at best.  At worst they will shop at another comic book shop and thus we will lose sales.


I hope that all retailers will support this need and send Diamond a email and request that they review their current procedure.  I also hope that you will all send me your names if you support this and I will send a copy to Diamond, DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse and hope that they will see the need for this change.


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