Following up on WizKids announcement that the company was undergoing reorganization, ICv2 has learned that approximately 15 positions were eliminated in a series of cuts that affected every department in the company with the exception of graphic design.  Responding to a comment on the company Website that WizKids would be concentrating on its core brands including HeroClix, HorroClix, MechWarrior, Pirates and Battlestar Galactica, a company spokesperson confirmed to ICv2 that the NASCAR-licensed Race Day Constructible Strategy Game and the yet-to-be-released ToonClix CMG were also casualties of the reorganization.  However, ICv2 has learned that WizKids has been happy with the performance of its Tsuro board game and still plans to release a second Japanese-themed board game, Oshi, in September (see 'WizKids Announces New Board Game').


Since WizKids had approximately 65 employees before the lay-offs, the cuts were substantial and have necessitated some scaling back of operations, although ICv2 was assured that WizKids did have some exciting new initiatives in the pipe that would be announced this summer.  The lay-offs actually occurred on June 8th, so the fact that word really didn't leak out until a statement by COO Marc Lore was posted on the company Website over the weekend indicates that the WizKids did a good job of managing the severance, since there weren't any disgruntled ex-employees spewing venom all over the net as so often happens when companies downsize.