Urban Ministries, Inc., the largest independent African American media firm and a leader in non-denominational urban Christian media content, has announced the September launch of The Guardian Line, four separate comic book series created by Michael Davis, one of the founders of Milestone Media and a co-creator of the Emmy-award winning animated series, Static Shock.  The Guardian Line of comics is targeted at the urban audience.  Promoting literacy (and strong, positive role models) is a high priority for the new comic book line.


The four Guardian series (Joe and Max, The Seekers, Genesis 5 and Code) target specific age groups.  In the tradition of previous Michael Davis creations all the stories, which take place in the fictional New Hope City, feature strong African American characters, a multi-cultural cast, and a guy named Larry.  The protagonists in all four series will struggle to overcome the evil machinations of New Hope City's nefarious nemesis, Steven Dark.


Joe and Max, which targets the tween audience and is based on Michael Davis' experiences in elementary school, will be the first series released when it debuts in September.  The other three Guardian Line titles will be released in subsequent weeks and then all four series will follow a bi-monthly shipping pattern.


Details concerning the other titles as well as art credits will be released shortly.  One key element in making this line a success will be distribution to the increasingly influential black-themed bookstores that have sprung up in urban areas around the country.