Marvel's announcement this week that Civil War #4 would be pushed back to September 20th and that the delay would also affect key Civil War tie-in titles such as Amazing Spider-Man and Fantastic Four threatened to put a damper on what had been up until now the best summer selling season that periodical comics had enjoyed in over a decade.  In addition to the shifting of Civil War #4, FF #540, Civil War Front Line #6 and Amazing Spider-Man #535 from August until September, the next round of Civil War titles based around Civil War #5 was pushed back until November leaving Civil War Frontline #7 as the only Civil War title currently slated to come out in October.


Most of the handful of retailers interviewed by ICv2 agreed with Brian Hibbs of Comix Experience in San Francisco, who called the delays, 'A horrifically embarrassing situation.  It's not just about the Civil War titles, it's about the bread and butter Marvel issues that are being pushed back.  The loss of momentum is ugly -- Marvel needs to do some sort of a 'make-up' for fans and retailers.  This is an epic mistake.  While I am very sympathetic to the 'art versus commerce' elements of the decision, when it impacts the entire line like this, it's a choice you just can't make.'


Bob Moreau of Westfield Comics, Etc. in Madison took the minority viewpoint.  While he did fear a loss of momentum for a series that has clearly been the hit of the summer, he 'was glad that Marvel had released a revised schedule and let us (the retailers) know what is going on -- at least it's not like the situation with All-Star Batman and Robin #5. And I'm glad that Marvel is keeping Steve McNiven on the book, I think it would create more problems if they used a fill-in artist.  The move to September may cause a loss in momentum, but for us, we're in a college town so the students will be back in September, which might help make up for any loss in sales and momentum.'


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