Media Blasters has announced the licensing of the 13-episode Gakuen Heaven anime series, and expects to release the first DVD in January.  Based on the boys' love (shonen ai) manga by You Higuri (Gorgeous Carat), Media Blaster's Gakuen Heaven will be one of only a few BL/yaoi anime series that have made it to the U.S. (Right Stuf  released the Gravitation anime in 2004 and has a Thinpak collection coming out at the end of October).  The American launch of Gakuen Heaven continues the trend of releasing more shojo (girls') anime series (see 'FUNimation to Release Peach Girl') since the audience for BL and yaoi titles is predominantly female.


Meanwhile Tokyopop is set to publish the first volume of You Higuri's Gakuen Heaven manga (which, like the anime series it inspired, depicts the amorous liaisons at an elite all-boys boarding school) in November with an 18+ age rating.