Denis Kitchen has informed ICv2 that W.W. Norton has acquired the rights to publish Will Eisner's instructional volumes, including the previously published (by F&W) Will Eisner's Comics and Sequential Art and Will Eisner's Graphic Storytelling as well as a new title, Will Eisner's Expressive Anatomy, which Eisner had finished penciling just before his death (Pete Poplaski will provide the inks).  Norton plans to issue all three volumes in the fall of 2008.  The two F&W volumes, which have sold over 150K combined will remain in print from F&W until the Norton editions appear.


Norton will also continue with its planned publication of all 14 of Will Eisner's graphic novels (see 'Norton Acquires Eisner Graphic Novels').  Norton has just released Will Eisner's New York, the second in a series of three hardcover compendia (the Contract With God Trilogy was the first).  A third hardcover volume collecting the autobiographical works is currently in production.  It will feature introductions by Scott McCloud and Denis Kitchen as well as annotations for The Dreamer segment by Denis Kitchen.


Norton has just printed the three volumes that make up the Contract With God trilogy, A Life Force, Dropsie Avenue, and A Contract With God, in paperback with new covers designed by Paul Buckley.  Eventually Norton will publish all 14 Eisner graphic novels in trade paperback editions so they will be available separately as well as in the three hardcover collections.