Games Expo has announced its line-up of special guests who will speak on a variety of subjects. The trade show will be held March 18th-22nd in Las Vegas, a month before the GAMA Trade Show (April 23-27) which is also being held in Las Vegas (see 'New Game Show Goes Head to Head with GAMA in '07'). 


Special Guests include:

  • Klaus Teuber and Guido Teuber: designers of the worldwide best seller, Mayfair Games' The Settlers of Catan
  • Dr. Toy: Stevanne Auerbach, PhD, author and expert on the best games and toys
  • Peter Adkison: original CEO of Wizards of the Coast, current owner of Gen Con, LLC and Hidden City Games 
  • John Kovalic: award-winning game artist, editorial cartoonist, co-owner of Out of the Box Games
  • Kevin Fahy:  publisher of EdPlay and five other educational product-oriented magazines 
  • David Niecikowski: MAED/CI, Tucson educator, educational writer for Games Quarterly, spokesperson for National Games Week and game designer
  • Duke Seifried:  master showman utilizing large scale miniatures games and 40-year industry veteran
  • Mark Simmons: Publisher of Games Quarterly, Founder of National Games Week and Games Expo 2007
  • Dan Frazier and Mike Kimble: collectable card game artists, including Magic: The Gathering, Deadlands, Shadowfist and many others
  • Bob Moog:  President of University Games
  • Toast Master: James Ernest, leading game designer, comedian and juggler