Tied to Toys
January 30, 2015

DC Entertainment will release Original Video Animations and shorts tied to its Batman Unlimited and DC Super Friends toy lines.

Includes Hulk in Action
January 29, 2015
Marvel has released a new 30 second TV spot with quick clips of a number of characters and some action scenes with Iron Man and Hulk.
For Scholastic's Graphix Line
January 29, 2015
On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, Scholastic’s Graphix imprint has announced several future projects with all-star graphic novel creators.
On Netflix
January 29, 2015
The role of Patricia “Trish” Walker has been cast for Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones Netflix series.
WotC Lays Off Two Editors
January 29, 2015
Wizards of the Coast has laid off two long-term editors who both have worked on the latest edition of Dungeons & Dragons.
New #1 Tabletop Game Kickstarter
January 29, 2015
New card game has more backers than any Kickstarter campaign in history and is the highest grossing tabletop game Kickstarter ever, with 21 days to go.
From Titan Comics
January 29, 2015
Here's a preview of the Scarlett Couture #1, published by Titan Comics.
As Associate Editor
January 29, 2015
Suzannah Rowntree has joined Papercutz as Associate Editor, the company announced
'Crown of Joffrey Baratheon'
January 29, 2015
Factory Entertainment will release Game of Thrones—The Crown of Joffrey Baratheon Limited Edition Prop Replica .
Column by Ray Moore
January 29, 2015
Ray Moore of TCGPlayer.com talks about the hottest cards in the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! set.
Launching in May
January 29, 2015
Marvel Will Launch Ultimate End , a five issue miniseries that will mark the end of the Ultimate Universe, in May.
Joining Melissa Benoist
January 29, 2015
The second role for the new CBS Supergirl series has been cast: Jimmy Olsen.