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Event Series Expands Outside of U.S.; Moves First 2023 Event to Philadelphia
November 16, 2022
Wizards of the Coast announced their MagicCon schedule for 2023, a event series which celebrates Magic: The Gathering's 30th anniversary.
New Playmats Feature the Schematic Artwork for the Retro Frame Artifacts Included in New Set
November 15, 2022
Ultra PRO will release Magic: The Gathering - The Brothers' War Schematic Playmats into retail.
On the October 2022 TCGplayer Top 25 Sealed TCG Products Chart
November 14, 2022
TCGplayer released its Top 25 Sealed Products Chart, which offered up their sales rankings and price changes for October 2022. The chart also revealed new trends in the TCG market space as well as led to some new insights.
Column by Scott Thorne
November 14, 2022
This week, columnist Scott Thorne discusses the problem with odds approximations on Brothers' War boxes as well as how this weekend's prerelease events went.
Licensed 'Magic' Tops in October
November 8, 2022
A licensed Universes Beyond release for Magic: The Gathering was the top product in October.
Site Checkout Issues Thwart Early Purchasers of 'Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair 30th Anniversary Countdown Kit,' Draw Backlash at DTC Launch
November 1, 2022
The Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair 30th Anniversary Countdown Kit launch was marred by site checkout issues that thwarted orders from early purchasers and drew fan backlash.
At Magic 30 Event
October 31, 2022
Wizards of the Coast crowned a winner of the Magic World Championship XXVIII event at the Magic 30 event.
Also, WotC Adds Deets on Rarity Breakdown, Card Treatments, and More
October 28, 2022
Wizards of the Coast will include Universes Beyond Transformers cards in packs of the upcoming Magic: The Gathering Brothers' War set.
Column by Jeffrey Dohm-Sanchez
October 27, 2022
ICv2 Managing Editor Jeffrey Dohm-Sanchez offers up his gift suggestions for the holiday season.
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