Column by Steve Bennett
March 4, 2015

This week, Bennett looks at Nickelodeon Magazine, a comic he's actively looking forward to, and the arrival of one he's been anticipating for a while.

By Heinlein, Bester
March 3, 2015
Rights to two classic science fiction works have been picked up by Hollywood in the last few days, with Brian Singer attached to one.
American Gothic Press
March 3, 2015
Famous Monsters will launch a new comics line under the American Gothic Press imprint this summer.
In June
March 3, 2015
Extra Booster H: Vol 1 – Miracle Impack! for Future Card Buddyfight TCG will arrive on June 12.
In April
March 3, 2015
Details on Brotherwise Games' stand-alone expansion to its hit card game.
For Anime-Based Games
March 3, 2015
Seven Seas Entertainment has announced a new division, Seven Seas Games, which will produce board and card games.
In 'You Don't Say'
March 3, 2015
Top Shelf will release You Don’t Say , a new collection of short works by Eisner Award-winner Nate Powell, in May.
In 'The 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane'
March 3, 2015
Titan is launching the first of an oversize hardcover series in July--check out the preview pages.
Plus 'Korvac Saga'
March 3, 2015
A 90s X-Men crossover returns, and it's the original Guardians vs. the Avengers, in two Secret Wars titles in June.
From CMON in Late 2015
March 3, 2015
New Viking-apocalypse themed board game, designed by Eric Lang, planned for late Q3/Q4 release.
Plus New Monthly OP Kits
March 3, 2015
Information and high-res pictures for Wave 17 and 18 releases.
Plus More From Rio Grande
March 3, 2015
Race for the Galaxy: Xeno Invasion , reprints for Caylus, TransAmerica, and Trans Europa, and more coming in 2015.