From Dynamite Entertainment
March 29, 2015

Here's a review of Uncanny: Season 2 #1, published by Dynamite Entertainment.

For RPGs, Board Games, Novels
March 27, 2015
Paizo Publishing announced a distribution deal with Gob In Tux Publishing to import tabletop RPGs and boardgames.
Plus Upcoming Releases
March 27, 2015
At GTS, Hairbrained Schemes shared software updates for its digitally-enhanced miniatures game Golem Arcana, as well as showing off upcoming releases.
Supported by Peachstate Hobby Distribution
March 27, 2015
Peachstate Hobby Distribution has announced the inaugural Machi Koro Championships. Retail stores can host store-based qualifier events from June 1 – July 31.
From Plaid Hat Games This Summer
March 27, 2015
Plaid Hat Games will release the card game Ashes, Rise of the Phoenixborn this summer.
Ryan Reynolds Does it With Style
March 27, 2015
Twentieth Century Fox reveals movie logo, synopsis, and costume.
ICv2 Stars: 4 (out of 5)
March 27, 2015
Here's a review of Just So Happens HC , published by Harry N. Abrams.
Hobby 'TBD'
March 27, 2015
The release date for the mass channel is set, but the hobby release is TBD, according to a spokesperson.
And 'Solarman' Returns
March 27, 2015
Ardden Entertainment is relaunching as Scout Comics and Entertainment, with a reboot of Solarman as its first title.
Discussions about Moving Show Have Begun
March 26, 2015
Gen Con has released a new statement in the wake of Governor Pence's signing of SB101.
Gaming Editor
March 26, 2015
Michael “Mike” McArtor, Wizards of the Coast employee and former editor of Dragon Magazine , died Monday afternoon in a car crash.
'The gaming industry has always been open to anyone'
March 26, 2015
GAMA releases statement of support to Gen Con on statments regarding Indiana Bill SB101.