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Comic-Con Photos—Saturday, Part 3

Photo Parade Concludes

Published: 07/27/2010, Last Updated: 07/30/2010 12:35am
And here's our final collection of Saturday photos from Comic-Con.

Then we believe you.

The scene across the street from the convention center was surreal at times.  Our favorite—the street preacher arguing with a guy in a Mexican wrestler costume.

On the same corner—a major Scott Pilgrim attraction.

And Battle: Los Angeles promotion.

And the Green Hornet car.

Big changes on the floor—Bud Plant’s booth was down to a 10x30 (Craig Yoe in foreground), and no Comic Relief booth at all.  The two combined probably accounted for 16 booths or more, offering graphic novels and art books, at their peak.

At the Ink Pen Mutations Press booth.

Famed manga-ka Moto Hagio autographed A Drunken Dream (see “Fantagraphics Launches Manga Line”) and sketched at the Fantagraphics booth.

Beyond bag puppets.

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