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IDW to Announce New 'Powerpuff Girls' Cover Tuesday

Retailers Will Be Able to Adjust Orders

Published: 01/24/2014 09:57am
Replacement for this variant will be announced on Tuesday.
IDW Publishing's Vice President of Marketing Dirk Wood has confirmed to ICv2 that IDW will not publish the controversial subscription-only variant cover for Powerpuff Girls #6 that stirred up a controversy after comic book retailer Dennis Barger, Jr. posted the image (and his comments) online (see "Cartoon Network Pulls Controversial 'Powerpuff Girls' Cover").
Wood also explained how IDW would proceed, telling ICv2: "Retailers will be notified on Tuesday (at which time we'll know the artist of the cover), and will have the opportunity to adjust their orders on next week's FOC list."
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