Jean-Luc's Journey Is Far From Over
July 21, 2019

The official Star Trek: Picard trailer was released at San Diego Comic-Con.

'Avengers: Endgame' Finally Passes 'Avatar' Worldwide
July 21, 2019
John Favreau’s photo realistic remake of The Lion King roared out of the “uncanny valley” to score an enormous box office success with a $185 million domestic debut, which by itself was more than the entire box office during the same weekend last year.
Follow-Ups to 'House of X' and 'Powers of X'
July 21, 2019
Marvel announces six new comic books series that will build on the storylines of House of X and Powers of X .
Publisher Specializes in Printing Comic Strips In Original Size & Color
July 19, 2019
San Diego Comic-Con News: IDW has announced the inclusion of Peter Maresca’s Sunday Press Books into its publishing family.
Ongoing Dystopian Sci-Fi Comic From Image Debuts In November
July 19, 2019
San Diego Comic-Con News: Image Comics announced the November launch of Undiscovered Country , a new ongoing full color comic book series written by Scott Snyder ( Batman, Justice League ) and Charles Soule ( Daredevil, Death of Wolverine ), with art by Giuseppe Comuncoli ( Amazing Spider-Man, Darth Vader ).
From Dynamite Entertainment
July 19, 2019
Here's a preview of James Bond: Origin Vol. 1 HC, published by Dynamite Entrertainment.
34th Victim Succumbs--Messages of Support From Across the Globe
July 19, 2019
All of the animation materials (including cels from past and current productions), and all the computers at Kyoto Animation Studio #1, the scene of a devastating fire that has killed 34 and seriously injured ten others, were destroyed, leading Kyoto Animation’s President Hideaki Hatta to characterize the damage to his company as "extreme."
Trivia Game For True Disney Connoisseurs
July 19, 2019
USAopoly announces Geek Out! Disney for Fall release.
1st High-Def Edition Is Loaded With Extras & Collectibles
July 19, 2019
San Diego Comic-Con News: Warner Bros. Animation has announced the October 15 release of the first high-definition release of the groundbreaking 52-episode 1999-2001 Batman Beyond animated series developed by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Alan Burnett.
'Unmatched: InGen vs. Raptors'
July 19, 2019
Mondo Games and Restoration Games will release Jurassic Park sets for Unmatched .
First of 3 Adventures in the 'Mirror Universe'
July 19, 2019
Star Trek: Voyager: Mirrors and Smoke is the first in a series of one-shots set in the realm of dark doppelgangers that is the "Mirror Universe."
Monthly Will Debut In Q4
July 18, 2019
San Diego Comic-Con News: IDW Publishing has announced another licensed comic book series, a monthly comic based on the 2064: Read Only Memories cyberpunk science fiction adventure game that prioritizes characterization and narrative.