Director Targeting Horror Genre
May 25, 2017

Rosario Dawson may soon be pulling double duty in the Marvel Universe -- the actress is in talks to join the cast of Twentieth Century Fox’s New Mutants.

'The Shadow: Leviathan' Debuts in August
May 25, 2017
Dynamite Entertainment has announced the August launch of a new series, The Shadow: Leviathan featuring the 1930s pulp hero, will debut in August and bring the masked avenger and his blazing twin 45’s into the 21st Century.
'Sausage Party' Co-Director Developing Animated Feature
May 25, 2017
Warner Bros. has set Conrad Vernon to develop an animated feature based on the vintage Hanna Barbera cartoon series The Jetsons.
Bluffing Game from Keymaster Games
May 25, 2017
Keymaster Games will release Campy Creatures , a card game featuring classic monster-movie style monsters.
From Creator of 'Ponzi Scheme'
May 25, 2017
Tasty Minstrel Games will release an English language version of Jesse Li’s The Flow of History.
Including Upcoming 'This War of Mine: The Board Game'
May 25, 2017
Ares Games and Galakta have entered a new distribution partnership where Ares will distribute Galakta's English language games outside Europe.
Silver Sable/Black Cat Movie to Start Filming This Fall
May 25, 2017
While Sony has ceded a great measure of control over Spider-Man to Marvel Studios and Disney, Sony remains committed to producing spin-offs featuring Spider-Man family characters on its own, and the studio has named a director for a second Spidey spin-off.
'Big Bang's' Melissa Rauch to Voice Harley in Animated Feature
May 25, 2017
Warner Bros. Animation has released a trailer for the next "direct-to-video" DC Comics original animated feature, Batman and Harley Quinn: A Bruce Timm Original , which is due out this summer.
English Version of 'Kennerspiel' Nominee
May 25, 2017
The just-announced nominee for Germany’s coveted Kennerspiel des Jahres award, Raiders of the North Sea , will be produced in an English language version by Renegade Game Studios.
From Dark Horse
May 25, 2017
Victor Santos’ interpretation of “Rashomon” is getting a hardcover collection from Dark Horse.
Three Titles for September from Alderac
May 25, 2017
September is shaping up to be a busy month for Alderac, with three more new titles announced for release: Mad Science Expo , 60 Seconds to Save the World , and Cat Lady.
To Direct a YA Science Fiction Thriller For Lionsgate
May 24, 2017
Director Doug Liman, who has scored a critical hit with The Wall , a low budget military thriller set in Iraq that is currently in limited release, has decided not to direct Dark Universe , a key Warner Bros. superhero film that will feature DC Comics’ Justice League Dark .