Documents filed by Marvel in conjunction with its pending$4 billion purchase by The Walt Disney Company indicate that a number of Marvel insiders are due for a big payday when the deal goes through.  Of course Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter is the big winner with a payout in cash and Disney stock that is currently estimated at $1.6 billion, but the Wall St. Journal is reporting that other Marvel bigwigs are also set to profit in a major way, though their payouts won’t be nearly as Brobdingnagian as their CEO’s.


According to the WSJ, David Maisel, EVP and President of Marvel Studios stands to receive $20.4 million, while James Halpin, a Marvel director and former head of CompUSA, gets $10.1 million.  James Breyer, another Marvel director and partner in the VC firm Accel Partners, is in line for $8.7 million, while John Turitzun, EVP and former general counsel, should receive $8 million, and CFO Kenneth West will get $5.1 million.  In addition two other members of the Marvel Board of Directors, Richard Solar and Sid Gains will receive $4.8 million and $3.4 million respectively, and Alan Fine, EVP and former chief marketing officer for Marvel characters gets $1.1 million.