Director George A. Romero’s 1968 film Night of the Living Dead single-handedly ushered in the modern era of zombie movies and kickstarted a major career in horror movies.  So it is pretty big news when Romero announces that he is writing a zombie comic book for Marvel.  It’s kind of like having Steven Spielberg write a comic about a cute and cuddly extraterrestrial who just wants to go home.

In an interview with Twitchfilm, Romero fessed up that he "was writing a comic for Marvel," saying "I am writing it now, but its plot is a secret."  Pressed for any and all details Romero would only say: "Well, I can tell you that it won’t involve any of their on-going characters, there will be no superheroes. But their will be zombies."

Romero is no stranger to writing comics.  He adapted an un-produced screenplay for the DC Comics’ miniseries Toe Tags, which was released in 2004-2005.