In the second incident of geek violence in under a week, a Long Island man shot his girlfriend after an argument over The Walking Dead and was charged with second-degree attempted murder, according to Newsday.  Jared Gurman, 26, of Williston Park shot his girlfriend, Jessica Gelderman, 27, who thought that Gurman’s belief that a military mishap could release a virus that would cause an apocalypse was absurd.  Despite her efforts to defuse the situation, Gurman shot Gelderman in the back with a rifle, leaving her with a pierced lung and diaphragm and shattered ribs.  Gurman told police the gun went off by accident.
Last Wednesday, Chicago man Erik Jansen allegedly fatally stabbed his cousin, Raymond Ortega, in the neck with a pair of scissors after he broke a Marvel Comics collector glass, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.  Alcohol was a factor, according to the report. 
It must be a sign of the suffusion of geek culture into every aspect of life that it has now even come to be involved in everyday crimes on an apparently regular basis.
Thanks to Bleeding Cool for pointing out these events.