'The Infernals,' 'Riot Quest,' New 'Monsterpocalypse' Units
December 7, 2018
Privateer shared some details on new products for 2019, including new Monsterpocalypse units and buildings, a new Warmachine and Hordes faction, a new box game, and an art book.
Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson Reteam to Protect the Galaxy
December 7, 2018
Chris Hemsworth is "ripping aliens a new one" alongside Tessa Thompson in a new official image from Men in Black International.
'Arena of Lost Souls'
December 7, 2018
Konami will release Arena of Lost Souls, the first booster for its Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Speed Duel.
Plus 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' and 'General Grievous Starter Sets'
December 7, 2018
Fantasy Flight Games will release two new starters and a new booster for its Star Wars: Destiny card and dice game in 2019.
Plus Title Reveal
December 7, 2018
Marvel Studios has released the trailer for Avengers 4, which also carries the full title.
With $10 Million 2019 Prize Pool
December 7, 2018
Wizards of the Coast is ending its Magic Pro Tour and launching a new program incorporating esports and MTG Arena , with a prize pool of $10 million.
For 'Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game'
December 6, 2018
GW is currently taking preorders for the Company of Thorin Oakenshield box for its Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game .
In 2019
December 6, 2018
IDW Games is planning a licensed board game based on Metal Gear Solid .
December 6, 2018
CMON has shared release plans for Walls of Your and Wacky Races.
To Replace Webb
December 6, 2018
The GAMA board of directors has appointed a new director to replace Alliance Game Distributors' Mike Webb.
December 1, 2018
December 6, 2018
We found the store with a radically re-ordered floor plan once again.
Ward Confirms Negotiating Transition Plan
December 5, 2018
The board is telling GAMA members it's time to move on.