Gale Force Nine’s next planned expansion for its bestselling Firefly: The Game is aimed at more experienced players and collectors; the Resin Ships miniatures expansion will release in February.
The Blue Sun Expansion is now in wide release (see "'Firefly Board Game: Blue Sun Expansion'"), and that big-box expansion was aimed at more experienced players who want to explore the ‘verse more extensively.  In a similar appeal to miniatures aficionados, GF9 is applying parent Battlefront Miniatures’ expertise with high end miniatures to put out high-quality, customizable resin ships, similar to their Dungeons & Dragons line (see "GF9 'D&D Collector's Series' Minis Go Wide").
The box will include a full set of the models from the base game (see "'Firefly: The Game' Board Game") that have been re-mastered and produced in high detail resin.  The six ships (4 Firefly Class, 1 Reaver Cutter, 1 Tohoku-class Alliance Cruiser) are supplied unpainted, and some assembly may be required.  MSRP is $50.00.
Firefly: The Game  has been a Top 10 hobby channel board game since its release, and currently holds the #3 position on the Spring chart (see "Top 10 Board Games--Spring 2014").