Retailers looking for bargains on toy close-outs can now check out KB Toys' online wholesale toy operation (   The wholesale online service shares fulfillment and customer service with KB's regular online consumer site (, so wholesale customers can expect stable site performance, speedy order processing, and efficient customer service.


Just don't expect the latest hot toys, and note that all orders must be placed in case quantities.  Other big toy chains are closing out items on the store level where they can be purchased in less than case lots, so shop around before you buy.  But, this is basically like shopping for remainders, so every once in awhile a retailer might find exactly what he is looking for at a closeout price.


Action figure-type items offered on the site today include:

Star Wars Episode I TC-14 Action Figure (orig. $29.99, now $8.00)

Real Heroes: Top Cop 12' Action Figure (orig. $59.99, now $15)

Star Wars 12' Emperor Palpatine Action Figure (orig. $21.99, now $6.45)

GI Joe:WWII Japanese Army Air Force Officer 12' Figure (orig. $19.99, now $13) Spawn Desiccator Action Figure (orig. $14.99, now $5.00)

Spawn: Cy-Gor 2 Deluxe Action Figure (orig. $14.99, now $5)

Star Wars Episode I: Electronic Naboo Fighter (orig. $37.99, now $8.00)

Transformers Beast Wars: Optimal Optimus Deluxe Action Figure (orig. $39.99, now $24.99)