The licensing relationship between WizKids and Wizards of the Coast is expanding to include products based on Wizard’s flagship title, Magic: The Gathering.  The first products produced under the deal will release next autumn.

The license will allow WizKids to produce a line of pre-painted miniatures based on the Magic: The Gathering IP as well as at least one board game.  The first miniatures planned will feature the ever-popular “token creatures.”  Players will be able to use the minis to represent the creatures during Magic games. WizKids told ICv2, "The Tokens will be pre-painted on 1” bases and feature our high definition sculpting techniques found on our unpainted line."

The board game under development will transport the experience of Magic into the board game medium.  Players will assume the role of “Planeswalkers” that are exploring Dominaria to discover mana sources and build up their collection of spell cards. “The board game does not share rules or components with MTG: Arena of the Plansewalkers,” the WizKids representative told ICV2 (see “WotC Shares 'Magic' Board Game Title, Art”). “The board game has its own unique set of mechanics set in the Magic world and has a decidedly Euro feel to it.”

 “We’re introducing a long-time, beloved brand to an all new medium,” said WizKids president Justin Ziran. “Producing high-quality miniatures and bringing to market captivating board games is at the heart of WizKids.  We could not be more excited to extend our relationship with Wizards of the Coast with Magic: The Gathering.”

The two companies have a long-standing relationship, with WizKids producing a series of licensed Dungeons & Dragons products, most recently announcing its third Monster Menagerie collectible series (see “WizKids Brings Giants Back in ‘Monster Menagerie III’”). 

Last month, WizKids announced a new relationship with Games Workshop to produce a line of games based on the Warhammer 40,000 setting (see “WizKids, Games Workshop Join Forces”).