Comics and game publisher Space Goat Productions has launched a crowdfunded equity raise on the Wefunder platform.  The campaign, which will run for 45 days, seeks investors at a pre-raise $3 million (for the first tranche of investment) or $5 million valuation.  Funds will be used to "help SGP expand their presence in the board game and comic book marketplaces," according to the announcement.  More specifics were offered in Q&A on the funding page, which noted that the raise will be used to ship backers games the company’s previously Kickstarted but not fulfilled, launch campaigns for the The Howling board game and Evil Dead 2 graphic novel, expand staff, and acquire licenses.

Space Goat is offering past Kickstarter backers a 20% discount on the equity raise, and a "perk" will be offered to retailers that invest.

The only other crowdfunded equity raise we’ve seen in our categories was by Tasty Minstrel Games, which raised $165,000 last year (on a different platform, see "Tasty Minstrel’s Successful Raise").