Fantasy Flight Games will release Covert Missions, a new booster set for its Star Wars: Destiny Collectible Dice Game, in Q4. This 160-card set will expand upon the themes of the Convergence Block by continuing to emphasize sub-types, downgrades, and plots (see “’Star Wars: Destiny – Convergence Booster’”). They've also added a new keyword into the mix, iconic characters, and two plots that will allow for an alternate victory condition.

Destroy the Death Star and Construct the Death Star, the two new plot cards, feature focal point mechanics that are inherent to the basic plotline of the Star Wars movies. These two new victory condition cards are based on the concepts of building and destroying. For the Construct the Death Star mission, the player's goal is to place resources onto the plot card until they accumulate 15 and win the game. Conversely, the Destroy the Death Star mission, starts with 20 shields and requires a player to slowly chip away at the shields on the plot. When they reduce the shields on the plot to 0, the player wins the game by effectively 'destroying the Death Star'.   

Covert Missions also has new Red, Blue, and Yellow card characters:

  • Director Krennic. Featured Red character that allows players to change one of the dice to showing a value of 1.
  • Luke Skywalker. Blue character as a Red Five pilot. He lets players to buff vehicle support dice.
  • Boba Fett.  Yellow character that rolls defeated character's character or upgrade dice for each bounty on them. He also has synergy with the Slave I vehicle card.  

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