Wizards of the Coast revealed the first details on the product line for Theros: Beyond Death which will be released on January 24, 2020. Theros Beyond Death will be the first Magic: The Gathering Standard set of the 2020 cycle announced back in September (see "Wizards of the Coast Reveals 'Magic: The Gathering' Sets for 2020").

Theros: Beyond Death Collector Booster. The Collector Booster was one of the biggest hits from Throne of Eldraine and the product type is back with Theros: Beyond Death. It is a turbo-charged booster packed with the most desirable cards from the new set as well as exciting chase cards. Collector Boosters come with displays of 12, and the actual breakdown of the contents of each pack has yet to be released.

Theros: Beyond Death Planeswalker Decks. Planeswalker decks are out-of-the-box playable decks for players looking to learn basic strategies for the Magic: The Gathering. Theros: Beyond Death Planeswalker decks come in a display of six with three copies of each of the two decks. Each deck comes with a ready-to-play 60-card deck, a foil Planeswalker card, 2 Theros: Beyond Death booster packs, a strategy insert, and a MTG Arena code card (Code card available only in certain regions.)

Theros: Beyond Death Booster Packs and Booster Displays. These Standard booster packs come with 15 cards of different rarities (Corrected as of October 23, 2019 at 9:32 am: Pack rarity breakdown was incorrectly listed due to a typo. Will update pack rarities as more information becomes available. Apologies, ed). Displays of boosters come with 36 packs.   

Theros: Beyond Death Bundle. The Bundle is ideal for players who are looking for start into the new set and storage options. It comes with 10 Theros: Beyond Death booster packs, 20 foil land pack, 20 regular land pack, a foil promo card, an oversized Spindown life counter, 2 reference cards, and a reusable card storage box.

Theros: Beyond Death Prerelease Pack. This kit is available to retailers for prerelease events through distributors, and the number of kits received will be allocated per store. Prerelease packs come 18 packs per case, and each pack contains 6 Theros: Beyond Death  booster packs, a foil promo-stamped rare or mythic rare from Theros: Beyond Death, a Spindown life counter, and  a MTG Arena code card (Code card available only in certain regions.)

Theros: Beyond Death Theme Booster. The Theme Boosters come in five different colored packs, revolving around a single strategy theme. Theme Booster displays come with two of each type of pack, and with 10 total packs per display. Every Theme Booster contains 35 cards from Theros: Beyond Death and a rare or mythic rare.

Theros Beyond Death Deck Builder's Toolkit. This kit is specifically for new players to jumpstart their Magic: The Gathering collection with the basics. It uniformly comes with a 125-card pack, 4 booster packs from recent sets, 100 basic lands, a deck builder's guide, a quick reference booklet, and a reusable storage box.

Magic the Gathering also recently announced the new Pioneer format (see "'Magic: The Gathering' Ban Hammer Comes Down On 'Field of the Dead' ").