WizKids will release Superman: Kryponite Crisis, draft packs and countertop display for DC Dice Masters, in June 2020.

Superman: Kryponite Crisis will showcase  Superman, his allies, and villains from Action Comics. The new set adds over 150 different cards and their dice to DC Dice Masters, and is optimized for drafts. The Draft Packs contain: 3 full-art Basic Action cards, 12 full-art Character or Action cards, 24 dice, a rules insert, and foils are randomly inserted into Draft Packs. Countertop Displays contain eight Draft Packs that retail at $9.99 each, and Countertop Displays will have a MSRP of $79.92 per unit. 

WizKids also announced the The Dark Phoenix Saga set for Marvel Dice Masters to release in June 2020 as well. (see "WizKids Reveals New 'Marvel Dice Masters' Set").