Catan Studios announced that Catan: Starfarers 5-6 Players Extension, for use with Catan: Starfarers, is coming to retail in Q4.

This extension to the Catan: Starfarers base game adds up to two additional players.  It also adds new player pieces, motherships, and additional space sectors as well as introduces The Travelers, an alien civilization, to the game.  The Travelers have supernatural powers which the players can utilize as they create alliances with them.

Catan: Starfarers 5-6 Players Extension comes with 2 motherships, 8 cannons, 8 boosters, 8 freight pods, 14 colored balls, 20 fame medal pieces, 12 number discs, 40 resource cards, 46 player pieces, 3 new space sectors, 3 new markers, 2 new special markers, 5 new friendship cards, 14 new overview cards, a sticker sheet, and a rule booklet.  It will retail for $49.00.

Catan Studios recently released CATAN: Legend of the Conquerors, a new scenario for CATAN: Cities & Knights expansion, earlier this year (see "Catan Studios Unveils 'CATAN: Legend of the Conquerors'").