Catalyst Game Labs previewed BattleTech products at ACD Games Day 2024 (6.10.2024 correction - "launched" changed to "previewed" for clarification).

The first products teased were Force Manual: Kurita and Force Manual: Davion.  Each manual is written to give players an idea of the 'mechs that these two factions use during different time periods of the BattleTech timeline.  They will help players build up their forces by outlining the strengths of the factions as well.  These Force Manuals will drop in the latter half of 2024, and Catalyst will also produce manuals for the other three houses (Steiner, Marik, and Liao) in the future.

Catalyst also showcased their Star League Command Lance set, which is now shipping to distributors.  It is the beginning of a new line of miniatures packs that comes with one pre-painted 'mech inside.  The line will consist of packs that will be releasing quarterly.  The Star League Command Lance set will retail for $29.99.

Catalyst Game Labs will also release BattleTech: Salvage Box UrbanMech LAM, a new miniatures set, into retail (see "New 'BattleTech' Miniatures Set").

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