Sales of the top 100 graphic novels through Diamond Comic Distributors grew 67% over sales in the same month last year and reached a record dollar total, topping the $6 million mark for the first time since ICv2 has been preparing this analysis.  With tens of thousands of graphic novels in print (and the #100 book on Diamond's list selling 1,266 copies), the total of the top 100 books seriously underestimates total graphic novel sales, but it does give a good indication of market trends. 


May proved to be a perfect storm for graphic novels thanks to the release of DC's Y: The Last Man Vol. 9 and 52 Vol.1, Image's Walking Dead Vol. 6, and Archaia Studio Press' $24.95 Mouse Guard hardcover, but what drove graphic novel sales over the top was Marvel's Civil War event, which accounted for ten of the top 20 graphic novel releases, providing the graphic novel category with the same sort of sales bounce it produced in the periodical comics market in 2006.  The $24.99 Civil War trade paperback (the #1 graphic novel in April selling over 19,000 copies), came in at #6, selling an additional 8,589 copies.


Meanwhile comic sales in May grew by 4%, the identical figure posted in March, the only other month so far in 2007 in which periodical comics have not demonstrated double digit growth.  The growth in graphic novel sales (67%) was so dramatic that it pushed the overall sales growth number for the comic market to a healthy 13% for May.

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