Internationally renowned writer Salman Rushdie had a graphic novel moment in his appearance on CBS’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Tuesday night. 


Ferguson asked, “Do you ever think, “Oh, I’d quite like to write a book with just pictures and stuff?” 


Rushdie answered, “Yeah, and actually I got asked recently if I’d like to write a graphic novel.  I was kind of keen on it.  When I was a kid I was a real comic book nut.  I could tell you a lot about superheroes.”


Rushdie then launched into a discussion of Aquaman and segued into Kryptonite, muffing the difference between Green and Red Kryptonite after bragging that he knew what they were.  But he circled back to the graphic novel concept and wrapped up with, “So I’m quite attracted to the idea of a graphic novel.  I might have a go.” 


“I think you should do it,” Ferguson responded.


It seems unlikely that the question from Ferguson came out of the blue; most topics on a late night show are pre-determined.  So it seems more likely that Rushdie is creating a little pre-awareness for an upcoming project.  His writing has included science fiction and magical elements, a natural background for writing comics. 


Rushdie’s publisher is Random House, parent of Del Rey and Pantheon, both of which publish graphic novels.