For years fans waited for a new Ghostbusters movie to no avail, but now it’s an embarrassment of riches as a second new Ghostbusters film with a lot of heavy names attached is in the works.  The film is being developed by Ghostcorps, a new production company with Dan Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman, who collaborated on the first Ghostbusters film, as principals, according to Deadline.

The package that Reitman has put together includes Joe and Anthony Russo (Captain America:  The Winter Soldier) as directors and producers, Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3, Mission: Impossible 5) as screenwriter, and Channing Tatum (Magic Mike, Foxcatcher) as producer and possible star.

The film being directed by Paul Feig with an all-female cast (Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon, see "Melissa McCarthy to Head All-Female 'Ghostbusters' Cast") is already set.  It will begin shooting in June and be released in July 2016.

Reitman hopes the Russo Brothers can shoot their movie with male stars in the summer of 2016, to be released in 2017.

Other expressions of the brand are also planned via Ghostcorps, including TV shows, different films, and merchandise.