Dave Salisbury of Fan Boy Three in Manchester, United Kingdom writes in to share his frustration with the lateness of the new Dungeons & Dragons game adventure in the United Kingdom.

When Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition launched, like American stores we enjoyed a honeymoon period of WPN sales exclusivity.  But with the hotly anticipated Out of the Abyss adventure, UK distribution can't even get us product for the release date.  We'll finally have it tomorrow, nine days after the release date.

If this was Magic: The Gathering, failing to ship the Battle for Zendikar prerelease material in time there would be an outcry.  If it then didn’t turn up a week after release, it would be catastrophic.  But hey--this is Hasbro's "other" game.  The world's biggest role-playing brand, the world's biggest games company, but nobody really seems to give a toss.

My 62 Encounters players every week care.  They cared last week when I had to disappoint them that Out of the Abyss wouldn't be there for release day.  And they'll care tonight when I tell them it still isn't out.  Again.

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